Weathering the Storm

Our journey at Baker Gulf Coast Industrial, which started just over a year ago, has been a true test of trust, patience, and strength. As our nation, region, and industry faced an unparalleled combination of hardships, our team was in the midst of growing, connecting, and moving the wheels on several projects. Our goals, decisions, and actions were guided by Baker’s core values of People. Honor. Grit. It’s what our organization calls living and working The Baker Way, and it’s what transformed us into a family of concrete construction warriors.

In the dynamic world of concrete construction, if you’re good, you listen closely, plan for anything, and can pivot quickly. You watch for hazards and each other’s backs. When faced with challenges, you take them head-on with disciplined tenacity, will, and drive. This year some of our challenges, including COVID, tropical storms, and Hurricane Laura, affected us beyond the jobsite. Our clients, partners, families, and communities were all confronted with these compounded pressures. I’m overwhelmingly proud of the work the BGCI team accomplished this year beyond our normal “scope of work” and can say that I have seen what the true essence of being a construction warrior means – building a better future for everyone who comes in contact with us.

I am honored to be a part of the Baker Gulf Coast Industrial family, and I thank each of the members for having the grit to push through these challenges.


Charlie Granata

Vice President of Construction
Baker Gulf Coast Industrial

BGCI VP of Construction Charlie Granata