Living The Baker Way

At Baker, our team consistently demonstrates the values of People, Honor, and Grit. So, what does this mean exactly? We asked a couple of our co-workers to explain living The Baker Way in their own words.

The phrase, “People. Honor. Grit,” is our way of life here at BGCI. The word “People” means family. It means everyone cares for and takes into account each co-worker’s well-being. The simple phrases, “good morning,” “how was your weekend,” and “how is your family doing,” are expressions that flood the jobsite. “Honor” is taking pride in our work while optimizing safety. BGCI co-workers are all impeccable leaders and believe quality is our excellence. “Grit” displays the go-get mentality while staying focused on the ultimate goal. It expresses the hard drive that it takes to be successful not only at the jobsite but in life. These Baker GCI employees that we surround ourselves with are essential for our success, and I am proud to call them my fellow co-workers. 

  • Marcus Kliebert, Assistant Project Manager

Having a passion for what you do, setting goals, and accomplishing them. Treating men and women of all backgrounds with respect. Going home at the end of the day to enjoy the ones you love.

  • Jeremiah Garcia, Surveyor