BGCI Co-Workers Make Great Progress on Shintech Project

Shintech, the world’s largest manufacturer of PVC, is in the midst of expanding its manufacturing plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. BGCI co-workers contributed to the global company’s U.S. expansion by providing expert civil construction assistance.

BGCI’s scope of work included 850 cubic yards of structural concrete, 140 tons of rebar, 1,320 linear feet of double curb, 5,100 linear feet of waterstop, 710 linear feet of retrofit waterstop, 31,820 square feet of 8” paving with perimeter heavy ups, 2,000 linear feet of expansion joints, 5,500 linear feet of joint sealant, 80 linear feet of culverts, and 400 linear feet of miscellaneous drainage pipe. This was BGCI’s first project with Shintech, and the team went above and beyond to exceed expectations.