BGCI is the premier provider for civil services, specializing in concrete placement.

As a full-service civil contractor, BCGI provides a full scope of construction and related services including site preparation, UG utilities, piles (subs), foundations and site finishing. We self-perform industrial concrete design and installation.  Our packages, services, and scope of work can be flexible in order to provide the right solutions for our clients.

  • Core Construction
  • Preconstruction
  • Project Management
  • Specialty, including deep foundation

Our 50+ years of experience building complicated structures has given a great deal of depth and knowledge in the most cutting-edge forming and pouring techniques. Our team brings value to even the most challenging projects— on land, in water, or with limited access. Baker’s deep foundation techniques and related solutions include driven displacement pile, drilled displacement pile, drilled shaft, auger cast-in-place (ACIP) pile, helical pile, and retention systems.

Baker’s pre-fabrication facility is unmatched by any other provider. We offer constructability, engineering, fabrication and JIT delivery of all components of a structure, including meeting the scaffolding and access needs of elevated work.



We commit to providing a safe and healthful environment for ourselves and those around us. Each of our Baker Co-workers have the authority and the responsibility to stop work if an unsafe act or condition is present as we are all committed to contributing to an Incident and Injury Free workplace.