"Run Toward the Tornado"

Meet Wayne Litton
Vice President of Estimating

Wayne Litton has some unique words of advice for those who are new to the construction industry: Always run toward the tornado.

Our Vice President of Estimating isn’t urging people to chase after literal twisters. Rather, he’s referring to the activities, tasks, jobs, and responsibilities that people don’t want to do because they are hard or intimidating.

“People run from the tornado and back to what is easy,” Wayne said. “But running toward the tornado provides more opportunities for growth than if you stayed in your comfort zone.”

Wayne knows a thing or two about running toward the tornado. A graduate of Louisiana Tech University, Wayne served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard. From there, he entered the construction industry. For the past 15 years, he has filled the roles of estimator and estimating manager in the office and in the field. These dual roles have given him a unique understanding of how to align business operations with the needs of our clients and project teams. It’s a position that keeps him busy year-round.

“In estimating, I have the opportunity to see more than 100 jobs each year – big, small, simple, and complex,” said Wayne. “Estimating keeps me on my toes, and that’s why I love it.”

When he’s not working with our project teams to ensure our clients get the greatest value for their projects, Wayne enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.