Reflecting on Safety Week

By Logan Zeferjahn, Director of Safety

Construction Safety Week allowed us time to pause and reflect on the impact our decisions can have on ourselves and our co-workers, both positive and negative. That’s why this year’s message, “Strong Voices Safe Choices,” resonated so deeply with me.

Throughout the workday, we face countless decisions that determine our safety and well-being. We might make the right choice 99 times and not even realize it, but that one wrong decision can have severe consequences for ourselves and those around us. Whether it’s distraction, frustration, fatigue, or a variety of other factors, our focus can slip for just a moment, causing an incident to occur.

In these critical moments, we rely on our coworkers to be our guardians, to watch out for us when we’re not watching out for ourselves, and to use their Strong Voices to speak up and encourage us to make Safe Choices. When we work together and hold each other accountable, we can create a culture of safety that benefits everyone.

Even though Construction Safety Week has concluded for the year, let’s keep the message of “Strong Voices Safe Choices” at the forefront of our minds. By making a conscious effort to choose safety every time, we can ensure that everyone goes home to their loved ones at the end of the day, injury-free.