Protect Your Concrete Assets

4 Reasons Why You Need a Concrete Maintenance Plan

By Rusty Robbins, Director of Business Development for Concrete Solutions


The oil and gas industry has turned the proactive maintenance of equipment into a science. The same can’t always be said of the concrete structures that support operations. Competing priorities and limited resources often push proactive maintenance of civil assets to the back burner.


As we detailed in an article for BIC magazine, there is a high cost to deferred maintenance. When left unchecked, damaged and deteriorated concrete can become a risk to both safety and operations. Moreover, repairs are often reactive and limited in scope, leading to a patchwork of fixes that never fully rehabilitate the deterioration.


However, a proactive maintenance plan will enable operators to:

·      Extend the life of their civil assets by protecting them from damage, deterioration, and defects

·      Identify and address issues early, before they cause metal corrosion, cracking, spalling, and structural failure

·      Develop a prioritized plan for upkeep rather than lose time and dollars to costly – and disruptive – repairs

·      Reduce risk to safety, equipment, and productivity resulting from deteriorated and unstable structures

The good news is operators don’t need to do this on their own. They can lean on concrete restoration experts for assistance with establishing and overseeing a maintenance plan.


For example, our Concrete Solutions service line partners with operators in the oil and gas industry to assess their concrete structures and develop a plan for upkeep. As a result, our clients can more confidently budget their capital dollars on higher-value projects and needs while getting more life from their structures.


Contact us today to learn you can get more value from your concrete structures with Concrete Solutions.