Project Spotlight - Formosa Plastics

One of our latest projects we have started on is for Formosa Plastics in Baton Rouge, LA. Formosa Plastics is located near an interstate highway and railroad and it operates one of the northern-most docking facilities along the Mississippi River.

As Formosa Plastics Plant Manager, Paul Heurtevant, states “Louisiana is one of only a few areas uniquely qualified with the resources and infrastructure to support our industry.”

We are currently constructing a Cooling Water Tower Foundation for the PVC 2020 TPD Expansion project.

Our crews will be working tirelessly on this project with the project scope including

  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Site grading
  • Seal slab placement
  • Concrete mat foundations
  • Elevated concrete slabs
  • Concrete pedestals
  • Concrete walls
  • A limestone access road around the site

In addition to the construction progress, all the concrete foundations and paving within the project area are to be demolished and removed.

Upon completion of the expansion, Formosa Plastics will be able to produce an additional 300 million pounds of resin production each year, which is a 20% increase in capacity and sales.