Preparing for a Future Powered by Renewables

Industry Trends Outlook

What does the year ahead hold for renewable energy? Deloitte’s recently released report on the 2021 renewable energy industry outlook suggests a convergence of industries could be on the horizon. As renewable and storage costs decline and capacity and usage increase, diverse industry sectors may discover new opportunities to collaborate and create new business models.

At BGCI, we aim to expand our footprint and challenge our co-workers with unique projects in different markets this year. Exploring more opportunities in the renewable market will be part of this strategy. Our reason is simple: we have the capabilities, resources, and national reach to help our clients meet the moment with infrastructure that is built to last.

We know the growing biofuels market will add opportunities to our region. The announcement of REG’s expansion in Geismar and Grön Fuels in Baton Rouge, as well as other recent deals, are evidence of this. We also see opportunities in other renewable sectors, such as solar power. Whether on land, in water, or in otherwise challenging conditions, we can deliver the value our clients need to take advantage of these and other emerging opportunities.

Read more about the the future could hold in Deloitte’s 2021 renewable energy industry outlook.

Lance Arvel
Director of Business Development
Baker Gulf Coast Industrial

Renewable Energy Outlook