Planning Safety First Into Every Project

We don’t compromise to get ahead. That’s true of our products, and it’s true of our approach to safety.

When it comes to safety on the job site, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability. We want our co-workers to leave at the end of the day in the same or better condition as when they arrived. Safe jobsites reduce risk for our clients, too. That’s why every Baker project incorporates the Incident- and Injury-Free (IIF) approach. IIF is our personal and organizational commitment to creating a work environment that is free from incidents and injuries.

How We Support IIF

To support our IIF goals, we provide the necessary resources to plan and maintain a safe, healthy, and injury-free work environment. Our field management and supervisors share this commitment and ensure safety management is part of their daily activities.

We reinforce IIF principles with these seven tips:
  1. Conduct new-hire safety training, weekly tool box talks, and OSHA recertification training sessions
  2. Review risks before mobilization
  3. Plan safety into the project
  4. Assess for potential hazards prior to starting every task
  5. Review potential hazards with all craft workers daily
  6. Encourage co-workers to speak up when they see a potential risk
  7. Honor co-workers for leading the way with safe practices
Recommitting to Safety During Construction Safety Week

Our co-workers will recommit to this safety-first mindset during the 8th annual Construction Safety Week, which takes place May 3 to 7. This year’s theme is Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe. It is a call to action that we bring our whole selves to work, every day. Our co-workers will participate in daily tool box talks that will focus on being both physically and mentally present on the job.

“At BGCI, we aim to drive the schedule by being more productive and efficient than anyone else, but never at the expense of safety,” said BGCI Director of Safety Logan Zeferjahn. “Holding ourselves to a higher standard for safety is simply the right thing to do for our co-workers, our project partners, and our clients.”

IIF Core Safety Program