Timeless Values

Timeless Values

When Dan Baker launched his cement finishing business in Oxford, Ohio in 1968, he trusted that his grit and his fundamental belief in doing the right thing would build his business. Dan’s grandfather, Elmer Baker, had taught him the trade. Elmer had also instilled the values that have grounded every customer and co-worker relationship Baker has fostered since: excellence, hard work, service and integrity.

In the 50 years since our founding, Baker has maintained a focus on exceptional performance and lasting relationships. We work diligently to ensure our product exceeds expectation, and the beliefs and characteristics that gave us our strength in the beginning continue to inspire and define all of us at Baker today.

Our core values are now distilled to three words that guide all we do as a company and as individual co-workers: People, Honor, Grit.


Practice the Golden Rule. Whatever we want the Outside Customer to feel, our Inside Customer must feel first.

At Baker, our people make us the core of our business. The strength of our company as a whole depends on the strength of each co-worker. We achieve that strength by treating all people with dignity and respect.


We are dedicated to our word.

We show integrity in everything we do. And we do what’s right, even when no one is looking. We accept responsibility for our own actions; learning from our mistakes and coming back stronger the next day.


We work with disciplined tenacity, will and drive.

Baker co-workers demonstrate an unrivaled work ethic. Grit means exhibiting an intense, positive attitude and unwavering commitment to all we do. We continually build capabilities that enable us to dominate concrete construction operations in all dimensions. We aim to be the best of the best, in whatever we do.

We believe that much of Baker’s success over the last 50 years can be traced back to People, Honor, and Grit. As we welcome Baker Gulf Coast Industrial to the Baker family of companies, these values will continue to position us as a leading player in our industry.