How to Size Up Value

Look Beyond Standard Pre-Quals

On-time, on-budget completion. At the most fundamental level, that’s what every contractor promises when bidding on a capital project of any size or complexity. But when it comes to delivery, not every project partner is cut out for the job. When skills, capabilities, and overall approach aren’t a good match for the project, cost and schedule overruns result.

As we detailed in a recent article in BIC Magazine, owners can mitigate this risk by vetting potential project partners for the value they bring to the table. In this sense, value includes such qualities as flexibility, adaptability, accountability, and pride in a job done right. A contractor that is focused on value understands that their performance affects the owner’s ability to fulfill their own obligations to their stakeholders.

So, what does it take to find a contractor that can drive more value into a project? Owners need to dig deeper than the standard pre-quals by asking such questions as:

  • Can the contractor adapt to different contract types and tailor their services and solutions to provide owners with more flexibility?
  • Is the contractor willing and eager to take a spot at the planning table and to identify opportunities for cost reduction?
  • What tools are in place for tracking progress in real-time?
  • How does the contractor ensure that frequent, open communication occurs to keep project partners up to speed on progress?
  • What processes are in place for resolving issues quickly and efficiently?
  • What is the contractor’s level of experience working with building information capabilities and other technologies that improve collaboration across teams?
  • Does the contractor have a skilled and experienced workforce that can be rapidly mobilized?
  • Does the contractor have experience with meeting the federal, state, and local regulations that must be adhered to on construction projects in the energy and petrochemical sectors?

At Baker Gulf Coast Industrial, we bring more value to our projects by marrying a service-forward approach with deep expertise in the energy sector. In addition, our company is backed by the financial might and extensive resources of our parent company, Baker Construction Enterprises. We have the resources, the capabilities, and the mindset to deliver projects faster, smarter, better, and safer than anyone else.

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