How We've Accommodated COVID-19

The world has changed the past few months and some of the changes are, both fortunately and unfortunately, here to stay. COVID-19 has impacted Baker Gulf Coast Industrial at all levels including our co-workers, our work, and our clients. Here are a few things BGCI has done and will continue to do in this “new normal”.

Our Co-workers – Every day on the job our co-workers are now wearing more protection than ever, and there are new procedures put in place to keep them safe. Their temperature is taken daily to ensure they are healthy. They are wearing protective face coverings to prevent the spread of germs, and unless the task at hand requires it, they are maintaining a safe social distance of 6 feet or more at all times.

Our Work – We have considered ourselves blessed throughout this time because our work has not slowed. Since the beginning, our crews have worked tirelessly on the current projects and we have made great progress. Not only has our work maintained, but we have also received a new project, Formosa Plastics. Read more about it here.

Our Clients – We miss interacting with our clients as we once did, but our team is currently working to connect with our clients in new ways. Starting soon, we will be inviting you to virtual Coffee Chats for us to connect and stay up to date on topics impacting our industry. Stay tuned for more details and if you are not already receiving our emails. Invitations and details will be emailed over the coming weeks so mark your calendar!