Growing Team, First Project, and New Yard

Our Deep Foundations Team has been busy. During the past three months, they have expanded their team and signed their first project, with several more in the pipeline. The team also secured a new yard that will stage their equipment and materials.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Baker family and have received generous support from all of our co-workers here at BGCI. It has also been a pleasure to collaborate with some of our co-workers in other states. Our team looks forward to working with all of our Baker co-workers in the near future and growing BCE Deep Foundations to the best deep foundation company in the United States,” shares Tom Howard, Vice President of Operations for Baker Deep Foundations.

Their first project is an expansion to an existing facility, including drilled piers and pedestal foundations. The team is excited to have begun providing construction services and building working relationships with clients in the industrial market.

Deep Foundations Project