Build Your Future in the Construction Industry

Thinking about a career in construction? Not sure if the field is right for you? Then consider this:

  • You have a chance to leave a lasting mark. Not every career provides you with an opportunity to build a literal legacy. Construction does. At the end of every project, you can point to a physical structure and say, “I helped build that.”
  • You can make a good living with or without a college degree. The building trades pay well, providing people from all walks of life with an opportunity to build a solid career and plan for the future.
  • You have countless career paths to choose from. From moving earth and placing concrete to constructing virtual structures with advanced technology, the construction industry offers almost unlimited options for pursuing your interests.


October is Careers in Construction Month, when the industry celebrates the many opportunities to build a good living in the construction field. Ahead of Careers in Construction month, we’re sharing the success stories of some of our own co-workers.


Meet LaJarrell Murphy, Superintendent

LaJarrell didn’t set out to build his career in construction. In fact, he was making headlights for a major U.S. automobile manufacturer when he joined the construction industry in 2009. He was recruited to BGCI in 2021 by a former co-worker.

“I can’t see myself going anywhere or doing anything else; I was made for this role,” said LaJarrell. “I’ve had a lot of good people along the way who have taught me all I know.”

Every day, LaJarrell is focused on taking care of his crew and helping to plan safety and efficiency into each project.

“The most rewarding part of the job is to develop a plan, work the plan, and finish the job early or on time,” he said.

What he enjoys most about BGCI is the family vibe and the endless amount of support he receives from his co-workers.

“I can see myself retiring from BGCI,” he noted.


Meet Randy Crowe, Piling General Superintendent

Randy knew from an early age he’d likely go into the construction industry.

“As a teenager, I spent my summers working on construction projects; at home, we had dirt moving equipment that I would practice on after school,” he said.

His career started in earnest in 2008, just two years after Hurricane Katrina leveled his hometown and the surrounding area. After helping to reinforce levee systems in and around New Orleans, he traveled around the country driving piles in the industrial market. In the process, he worked his way up from foreman to project superintendent and now general superintendent. He joined BGCI in 2020.

“We have a really good group of co-workers at BGCI,” Randy noted. “Everyone helps everyone and works together to reach a common goal. The respect and confidence I have witnessed from our leadership team stands apart in our industry.”

Randy’s career was shaped by good mentors. In turn, he enjoys helping others advance in their careers.

“I have worked with some great mentors over the years, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience to help better my co-workers’ craft,” Randy noted.

While he enjoys his current role, he’s not someone who sits still.

“Many thought it would be impossible for me to make it to where I am currently, but the sky is the limit at Baker.”


Meet Madeline Lato, Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

A career in construction can take you many places, and not all of them are out in the field. Madeline joined BGCI’s Business Development team as an intern while studying at Southeastern Louisiana University. She came on board full time after graduating in 2021 with a degree in Marketing and a concentration in Professional Sales.

Her co-workers are one of the reasons she decided to stay with the company.

“The BGCI team wants each person who walks through our doors to be the best version of themselves,” Madeline said. “Everyone here wants to see their co-workers succeed.”

Until recently, construction wasn’t considered a viable path for women. That’s changing rapidly, both in the office and the field. Madeline has found it has given her access to a wealth of opportunity to go where she wants.

“I love the creative flexibility and the opportunity to grow in my role,” Madeline said. “I enjoy meeting new people and making connections to make BGCI a leader in the industry. The growth opportunities are limitless, whether in your current or future leadership roles.”


Meet Joey Goscha, BGCI Vice President, Division Manager, Civil

Joey got his start in the industry when he realized college wasn’t for him. After landing a job as a laborer, he moved over to survey and fell in love with the work. Over the next 30 years, he advanced up the ranks, moving from superintendent to project manager to operations manager. He joined BGCI four years ago as our Operations Manager/Vice President.

“I really appreciate the family atmosphere at BGCI and the love I feel from my co-workers,” said Joey. “I’m happy when I can be my authentic self, and BGCI allows this.”

One of the most important aspects of his job is to be honest with both clients and co-workers while bringing value to clients, safely. Supporting his fellow co-workers is also key to finding the smartest, safest, and most efficient solutions to any challenge: “I’m willing to be wrong while challenging the team to get us to where we need to be.”

As for what he has enjoyed most out of his career, it’s watching people grow and accomplish things they couldn’t imagine. Coming up through the ranks and staying close to his roots has helped him appreciate his role in helping others realize their potential.

“I still remember being a laborer and those that took time to teach me. I owe this same gift to those who come to know me,” he concluded.

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