“How We React Defines Us” – Brian Lessard

As a Senior Subject Matter Expert, Brian is charged with wearing numerous hats: Estimator, Project Controls, Project Manager, and Cost Controller, just to name a few. So it’s no surprise that he thinks the best part about working for BGCI is the versatility of the work.

“We have the freedom to do the job we were hired for and endless potential to do whatever we want,” said Brian. “The appreciation the company shows for our co-workers is amazing. It takes a team to accomplish great things, and that’s well-recognized throughout Baker.”

Brian fully understands that recognition is important to morale and performance. With 15 years in the industry, he has seen firsthand what it takes to build and maintain effective teams.

“Life often throws challenges our way; how we react defines us,” Brian explained. “When that happens at Baker, we don’t point fingers or assign blame. We determine how to get better and grow.”

He added, “We may not always have the right answers or most obvious choices. This is when we show Grit, dig in, and come up with solutions that have the best impact for everyone.”

When he’s not collaborating with his co-workers to find a better way to do things, Brian enjoys spending time with his family. With three kids and a new puppy, he doesn’t get much downtime. But true to his nature, he loves every minute of it.