Baker Equipment and Materials Steps up to the Challenge

With supply chain challenges, Baker Construction Enterprises jobsites were facing the same dilemma as many others in our country: the supplies of hand sanitizer that were needed to help keep co-workers safe while performing their essential construction duties simply weren’t available. In true Baker fashion, our determined team had to get creative to get the job done. BEAM co-worker Steve Kozak researched, tested, and sourced the right supplies, allowing us to mix our own hand sanitizer as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Steve accomplished this by purchasing 2,100 gallons of isopropyl alcohol and 45 gallons of glycerin plus the dispensing materials (buckets, spray bottles, nozzles, etc.) necessary to produce, distribute, and dispense 2,800 gallons of hand sanitizer.

Thereafter, several BEAM co-workers from across the country developed and implemented procedures to mix and distribute this vital material as part of our collective response to the pandemic. Chris Lewis from Monroe, Ohio, has been mixing batches of our homemade hand sanitizer for our shops and jobsites across the country.

Thank you to Steve, Chris, and all the other co-workers who assisted, not only generating and executing the idea, but also for protecting each and every one of our essential co-workers throughout our regions.