Safety Coin Challenge

Safety Coin Challenge

BGCI Safety Coins are given to co-workers for helping their project teams get safely across the finish line. Below are the winners from last quarter. We thank them for their commitment to creating an incident- and injury-free workplace!


Gissel earned a Safety Coin for being intentional about safety and for always going above and beyond with professionalism and courtesy. Team success is built on the dedication to safety and quality shown by individuals like Gissel.


Jonathan’s attention to detail and dedication to doing the right thing earned him a Safety Coin. He takes responsibility for ¬†ensuring his co-workers are aware of and ready to tackle potential hazards related to their daily tasks.


A seasoned professional who has been with Baker for almost 30 years, Clarence is a gifted teacher and guide for new and established co-workers alike. He exemplifies what BGCI stands for and approaches all with respect, earning him a Safety Coin.

BGCI Safety Coin Winners