Avoiding the Pinch of the Skilled Labor Shortage

Avoiding the Pinch of the Skilled Labor Shortage

The construction industry’s skilled labor shortage isn’t just creating obstacles for contractors. It has very real implications for clients as well. This is particularly true for the Gulf Coast region’s industrial sector, where finding craftworkers with both the right experience and the right qualifications can be a challenge.

As we explain in a recent article in BIC magazine, As we explain in a recent article in BIC magazine, the labor shortage is driven by multiple factors. For that reason, offering higher pay alone isn’t enough to fix staffing gaps. Contractors need to give employees a reason to join their company and a reason to stay.

At Baker Gulf Coast Industrial, we strategically invest in staff recruitment and retention not just to deliver on what we promise, but to also reduce risk for our clients. Our strategies include:

  • Offering a competitive benefits package
  • Hiring for the right fit
  • Supporting co-workers throughout the onboarding process and beyond
  • Providing a defined path for advancement through structured training and mentoring

The goal is to ensure we have a solid bench of experienced, determined, and credentialed co-workers to tackle our clients’ most pressing challenges. It’s key to ensuring our jobs are done safer, smarter, faster, and better to reduce risk and create more value for our clients.

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