A Service-Forward Mindset

By Marty Brodnax, President, Baker Gulf Coast Industrial

No contractor goes out to bid with the promise of creating headaches and hassles for their clients. But sometimes project partners that look good on paper end up delivering just that. They overestimate their ability to deliver on large, complex capital projects, or they lack the agility and resourcefulness to adapt as challenges arise.

On a typical project, this can result in delays and cost overruns. But for owners in the oil and gas industry, it can also erode revenue, hurt market share, and lead to serious fines. To avoid the overpromise, underdeliver trap, owners should look to partner with contractors that create value with a service-forward mindset.

A contractor that operates with a service-forward mindset understands the following:

Speed to market matters. Every contractor strives for on-time, on-budget completion. This is key to avoiding contractual fines and securing future work. But service-forward contractors understand that their stakeholders’ profitability and reputation are on the line as well.

Innovation is essential. Continuous improvement is a form of table stakes in this sector. Finding smarter ways to use technology, collaboration, modularization, and resources to improve efficiency without compromising on quality or safety is a must.

Quality is foundational. Owners need to have confidence that their structures won’t result in high repair costs or become a source of liability. In addition, getting it done right the first time is essential to staying on schedule, which is also key to maintaining a safe jobsite.

Safety is a way of life. Jobsite safety should be a priority because it is the right thing to do. But service-forward contractors also recognize that safety is part of achieving overall project goals. Injuries and incidents create delays. And when the schedule falls behind, other conditions of satisfaction – like quality – suffer in the rush to catch up.

By partnering with contractors that have adopted a service-forward mindset, owners and general contractors can unlock greater value and reduce risk, paving the way for smoother projects that deliver on all fronts.

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